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We love building and helping brands. 

Our mission at Flores Marketing is to empower businesses to reach their full potential through transparent, modern, and trustworthy solutions.

Photo: Kristin Ellefsen / Fædrelandsvennen

Why you can trust us.

We know many businesses have had bad experiences with other marketing agencies, but we're here to turn that around and show what marketing agencies can really do!

We have been involved in marketing and social media since 2017. That's when we started our own event concept under the name "ParisLatino" which now has over 20,000 followers on social media and has sold out Rockefeller with 1300+ guests. ParisLatino is now held in Kristiansand, Oslo and Stavanger.

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Turning big ideas into reality.
that's what we do best

Our story

From Event Producers to Marketing Agency.

 In early 2020, Daniel and Marcos were unable to continue organizing ParisLatino due to the pandemic, but they did not stop with social media and media production. Instead, they learned about "value based content marketing" and were able to scale the Instagram profile with over 2000+ followers during 2020.


Throughout the year, they began to take on different projects for clients in various industries, and since they had good experience in website design, branding, and profiling, this was not an unfamiliar industry or scary project.


When clients showed themselves to be very satisfied with the work, they decided to establish their services under the official brand Flores Marketing. Since the start-up phase, they have been involved in creating brands from "scratch," run e-commerce stores, and sold products online.


They have also created several advertisements and interviews for video ads of various genres for large and small advertising campaigns. Flores Marketing has now collaborated with companies in over 10 different sectors, from fashion, food, and restaurants to production, e-commerce, and the health sector.


We don't make big promises, we deliver results.

Let's explore the possibilities together and see if we're the right match to reach your marketing goals.

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